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How many fans will fill BDS at A Day?

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How much will this juice up the crowd this year having a proven coach? I think it will bring back the home field advantage for Alabama which was completely depleted after the Miss St. game. I think the stands will be as loud as ever. The new upper deck will actually make a difference this year!
knoxbamaboy said:
a day will be a big showing for all the bama fans. all of you better show up. i'm driving down for it. 7 hours is totally worth it to see this new team.

I'll be driving 7 hours, too. From the opposite direction. My 13-year old grandson is a big Bama fan after I took him to the Duke game, and he's wanting to come with me.
Section FF will not be booing this year!!! :D

as for A day I find these games boring.

Props to those driving long distances.

Ill catch the replay on CSS ( that 6 minute drive is too much for me)
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