| FTBL Rutgers vs. Alabama???

Doesn't Auburn and West Virginia play in a couple of seasons??
If so as hard as it is to say I hope Auburn rips them to shreds.

As for playing Rutgers that'd be awesome as long as there still winning football games then its a huge improvement over UTEP.
Dude I'd love to play WVU. Their style of play is so radically different from just about anything in the SEC besides Florida. Also, it'd be fun to give Rich Rod and the mountainfolk a good old fashioned "I told you so"
BarnBurner said:
I'd like to see us play Louisville in a few years. Basically whenever we could get a defense good enough to shut them out completely.

Sounds like you are still bitter about the Fiesta Bowl. Let me see if I can help you out. I'll start by asking you this, Would you rather have won that game or the NC in 1992? I think I know the answer to that, and also the answer to your question of what did that have to do with that. What it had to do with was recruiting. The current "dead period" after the regular season can be traced to that game because the Bama staff spent that period recruiting rather than preparing for Louisville. And those recruits played a huge part in the winning of the NC in 1992. And anything that helps Bama win a NC is going to be banned by the NCAA. Ok, so Bama spent about 5 days preparing for Louisville. What did Louisville spend preparing for Bama? Glad you asked. Louisville finished their regular season on 11/10 against Boston College. Bama played Cincinatti on 11/17 and Auburn on 12/1 that year, so I know that Louisville spent those three weeks preparing for Bama. How do I know this you say? Glad you asked. Louisville received their bid to the Fiesta Bowl on 11/10. The SEC representative had been reduced by 11/10 to Bama and Ole Miss. Arizona had just gone through a huge controversy over Martin Luther King Day. Anyone with half a brain knew that the Fiesta Bowl was not going to invite Ole Miss and their Rebel Flag waving bunch. Therefore the head man himself, Howard Schnellenberger, sat three rows below me at the Auburn game, scouting Bama and knowing full well that Bama was who he would be playing. And sure enough after the Auburn game, Bama with their 7-4 record was selected over Ole Miss with their 9-2 record.
Greg Schiano, Scarlet Knights HC has done a remarkable job in building up the football program at Rutgers. They have changed a losing mentality into a competitive environment. With boisterous New Jersey fans and also that they have had a high success rate in acquiring talent from South Florida. Be advised this is not a cupcake on the Bama schedule. They will be prepared to play a high stakes football game. Looking forward to it.
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