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Anyone else tune in today for the Monday press conference on Jox? Man was it heated at times, and rightfully so. The more I hear this man talk, the more and more I know CNS is the right man for the job.

I loved the sugarcoat bit. Loved every second of him getting pissed and telling it like it needed to be told. For far too long coaches and staff have babied these players and sugarcoat-fed crap to the media. i'm glad CNS is exposing the problem, even if he specifically pointed out certain players.

I am also glad he chimmed in about DJ Hall's "suspension". As I expected, despite the frantic blogs and confusion, CNS mentioned getting with his peer group prior to the game. He said that they all came up in agreement that DJ was to be "suspended" for only half a game. I didn't get to hear what the violation was but he did say he felt compassion for DJ's family and DJ's last time to play in BDs and the peer group felt half a game was sufficient. He also said he knew people would complain no matter if it was a game, two games, etc. Basically saying, "what's enough [time]?".

I tried going on Jox to see if you can download it but haven't had luck finding it yet. If anyone knows where it might be posted, please provide a link.
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