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IF the Western Carolina ends up being a PPV, can anyone give me the specifics of what I need to do to get it on Comcast here in Atlanta? I have the digital cable already, so can I just call Comcast and order? I don't have ESPN Gameplan. Any help would be great! Thanks.
I also live near Atlanta, but I have Charter. The individual games were not offered by Charter last year, so I had to use Game Plan. Through Game Plan, you can order games for a single week, an entire season, or order individual games on-line (watch on your computer, not in the TV). The way the pricing works out, you come out ahead ordering the entire season if you plan on buying more than two weeks worth of Game Plan because I think it was $39.99 per week or $99.99 for the season last year.
I just went ahead and bit the bullet on GamePlan. I think I paid about $100. It was worth it. I din't miss a game last season and there were at least 4 or 5 games on PPV.
My suggestion would be to get rid of ComCast.

Just personal opinion though. I recently did it and switched to Charter. Comcast tried to stick me with bills two to three months AFTER I terminated my order there.

Plus, Charter people are a lot more helpful and a lot nicer. Comcast seems to think their crap don't stink.

At least here that's how it is.
IMO ESPN Gameplan works like a gem unless you live in the state of Alabama. They blackout most Alabama games if you're inside the state of Alabama. Since you're in GA, you should be fine.
With Gameplan they will blackout any game that involves a team in the state you live in. Otherwise, Gameplan is great.
reger60 said:
bamascw said:
With Gameplan they will blackout any game that involves a team in the state you live in. Otherwise, Gameplan is great.

Good point. That is true. I take for granted that I'm in Tennessee.

Me too, I found out the hard way a few years back when we played Middle Tennessee State.
BamaRev said:
I have dish network.Hopefully I can order individual games like we did last year.

You probably will, but the cost might be prohibative. I have DirecTV and single games cost me about $40 a piece, while the whole ESPN Gamplan only cost about $100. It was cheaper for me to subscribe to Gameplan.
I've had espn gameplan for the past 2 years. I've only missed 1 game and it was because I had to work that day (darn casino business).

My only complaint (because I'm an hdtv snob) is the video quality of the PPV games. Everything else is good but it's like trying to watch a vhs tape from 1991 on my 51 inch tv. Maybe they'll improve.
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