I do have to agree with GOB on this to an extent. Initially the play calling looked pretty timid and maybe we were giving the Noles a little too much respect, not to mention the wind. As far as JPW goes, he can do more than he is doing.

Maybe with the win to our backs now we'll be able to get a little something going.
Well, the 1st QTR sucked..

Seems to me the 3 wide set not doing well. We should try to run 2 min drill to wake our guys up or something...
Re: Parker

The Tide Will Rise Again said:
He needs a reality check. Sit him. Not permanently. Coach just needs to get his attention. The defense cant hold up to this everyweek.

I agree. We can't win many games like this.

Our defense is playing admirably, but the offense has got to step up.
Part of the problem is the play-calling right now too. We're handling the pressure for the most part but we're still throwing 3-yard routes.

With the wind at our backs I would have thought we'd stretch the field a little bit.
What's bothering me more now than JPW is actually Grant's inability break arm-tackles now for whatever reason. He's been taken down a number of times today by fingers and/or tall blades of grass. :lol:
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