| FTBL In my view, Tommy Rees is on the same level as Lane, and Sark. Maybe a step higher.

I’m not putting him on Sark’s level until I see annihilation in a NC game. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but he kept the D on their heels for entire games. WR we’re running wide open. We had 4 3-and-outs last night and another 3 and field goal. Some of it is Milroe’s accuracy and some him taking huge sacks. But not on those 5 possessions. We’ve improved greatly, obviously, and maybe he gets there in another year. But Sark is is rare air for me.
I agree. Sark is another level on offense.
Sark: motion creates opportunities.
Lane: Big play capability.
Rees: Adaption. He's calling schemes to create opportunities, and we've still got the big plays.

I'm weighing these thoughts against my crimson colored glasses...

Folks, I believe we've seen some of the best coaching we've seen in years. Take a minute...and...

How he has developed Milroe is perhaps the QB coaching we have ever seen at Bama…
don't forget that part of the struggles in the 2nd half was Kirby adapting and better play calling on their side... he's still a great defensive mind and ability to adapt at halftime is what makes Georgia so good, just like us.
I think Milroe is and always was a beast in waiting. Simpson will be good too. When you see all of the QBs struggling, there is more to it than just the QB. The O-Line is the measuring point, they got better. Milroe is a stud, period, his abilities are Heisman mention type. It takes the O-line a lot of GOOD snaps and feel for each other to gel than people realize. So, as the O-line got better everything around it got better. JMHO.
FIFY....you welcome.
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