| OT Did you go to an SEC School that wasn't Alabama?

I have never gone to any SEC School. But I have a bundle of school I did attend.
Fort Benning, Ga.: Troy State.
Ft Stewart, Ga: Pikes Peak Community College, Western Michigan. Brunswick Junior College, Graduated from BJC with an Auto Certificate I could get them to move it to and AAS if I wanted to.
Southern Union State Community College: I have a Computer Science AAS.
Undergrad and teaching certificate from THE University of Alabama - RTR

First master's degree came from Montevallo. It's just a few miles away, and this was nothing more than a teaching feather in the cap for a raise. I almost went back to Bama for my second master's degree thirteen years ago, but Samford is closer and the gifted education program was led by one of Alabama's best gifted ed leaders. Didn't hurt that we were given small schollies to attend also.
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