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Who would you like to see as tha Alabama Radio Play-By-Play Man?

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It should be Eli until he decides he's done. I know people have their criticisms and many don't like him but he's the GOAT in my mind.

I just realized this thread is from 2005, lmao wtf
I don't know, but I like it. Always nice to see a message board time warp open up to allow a visit to the early days with The RTB Originals™.
I have NO CLUE how these sporadically pop up. I know the "Guest" usernames come from the time the forums were running on PhPbb and "imported" comes from the transition to Xenforo from vBulletin.

It did send me down a rabbit hole for a minute.

December 10th, 2008, following the loss to UF in the SECCG.

The same day, but entering the site through the 'front page' instead of straight to the forums.

A thread with a mention of Ken Darby stats in the present tense is a time capsule. I see Porter, Porkchop, Rollingtide, some guys I haven’t seen on here in many years. Makes me wonder what happened to all those guys. If the lost interest, moved on to another forum, or got out of high school 🤣
If you are just casually listening, he's ok and very professional. If you "live" the games like I do, you don't know where the ball is; he just doesn't paint a very detailed down, distance, and ball advancement picture.
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