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I was listening to sports talk radio in Birmingham today (that was where i went wrong) and I started thinking about this game.

A good point was brought up that Tennessee needs to win this game more than any game ever under Foolmer. I tend to agree.

But regardless of what happens this weekend between those two, doesn't Fulmer's job come down to the Bama game this year? Presuming that UT loses to the Barn this weekend, they will likely be 3-4 with Bama coming to Knoxville. Losses to UCLA, Auburn, Florida, and UGA, with wins over UAB, N. Ill, and Miss State.

I say that if Tennessee loses to those teams, and then fails to compete with Bama, Fulmer will be gone at the end of the year.
If Fulmer loses as said above, and then to us, he still has his November patsies. This time, however, the Wildcats and Commodores aren't gimme games for the Vols. I think he survives this year even if he puts up a 6-6 record, but the heat will really be on for next year. The size of his buy out might be a big factor here.
:lol: I couldn't stop myself from busting out laughing when I read the title of this thread. But anyway, I see it that Tennessee has to beat at least one "big name" SEC team if Foolmer wants to continue coaching there.
Didn't he just sign a new contract before the season started with a clause that says he gets an extra year if he wins 6? :roll:
Jeopardy Answer: Philip Fulmer

Jeopardy Question: What happens when you are more concerned about tearing down your rival, than building your own program?
TerryP said:
LOL, isn't fulmer supposed to appear in court the weekend before (or after?) the UT/AU game for the NCAA crapola?


:roll: figures with Fatty Phil :lol:

I was listening to sports radio in Nashville this afternoon and an interesting question came up.

If Tennessee were to play at Vanderbilt this Saturday, what would the line be?
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