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seeing the history behind it all...

As most have read Dennis Franchione is involved in a scandal and his firing was predicted by many analysts and reporters. Many of these reporters have thrown around Tubberville's name as a replacement, mostly due to the fact that he has shown intrest in Texas A&M before and that many Aggies from the board of directors have said they like the way he coaches.

Then tonight happens...

Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne, who releases a weekly state of the program on wednesdays, released only a short statement that he was very busy with regards to the information given to him about the Franchione VIP newsletter and will delay the statements release until tomorrow.

Fast forward to around roughly 8 oclock central time tonight. A&M announces a press conference to discuss the findings in the VIP scandal as well as action to be taken.


About 8:30 tonight, a Texas A&M recruiting guru (specialist... idk what you would call his official position) who does not talk about the coaching staff or other coaching staffs to remain close to his sources in the program was quoted as saying he liked the way Tubberville recruited , especially with so many other SEC schools battling for the same players and his demeanor on the field.

Around 10 oclock tonight, a source very close to the University (same source that reported the Franchione hire in 2002 before anything was close to being official) was quoted as saying that tomorrows findings show evidence that Franchione has breached his contract and will be terminated tomorrow at the press conference but will be allowed to remain with the team until after the final game against rival Texas. He also said that another coach, who has shown intrest in A&M in the past would be revealed as the replacementl. He ended up also saying that the coach had an attitude the Aggie's were looking for (most complain of Franchione being too passive and showing no fire) and gave the hint perry mason (defensive minded).

Something is going down tomorrow, but take everything i have just posted for what it is worth (rumblings and dependable but who knows sources). Just thought I would give a heads up just in case anything does happen tomorrow (though i am probably only 60% sold on it).
IDC...really if it happens who cares. Most of us should have moved on years ago. Also I believe it was bearfacts said you can't spell Karma without A&M. :twisted:
Isn’t McKenzie just the guy who runs Fran’s website? I wouldn’t think it would really matter if they fired him in the middle of the season. He has very little impact on the football program.
Mike McKenzie no longer with the Ath. Dept.
BB is basically saying that all of this will be taken into account in Fran's performance review at the end of the season.

Other news:

CoachFran.com - no longer in operation
List of those who got his newsletter:
Neal Adams
Michael Burrichter
Michael Champine
Joe Clark
Ashley Franchione
Kim Franchione
Glenn Hart
Fred Heldenfels
Jerry Holditch
Stormy Kimrey
David LeBoeuf
Jim Lind
Jack E. Little
Bob Lynch
C. John Mace
Miles Marks (complimentary)
Charlie Mattei
Artie McFerrin
Jeff McFerrin
Buppy Simank
Greg Walton
Dale Watts
Charles Wiseman
here is the latest across the wire

Texas A&M admonishes Franchione for for-pay newsletter
COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M officials said Thursday that coach Dennis Franchione will be admonished for a secretive for-pay newsletter sent to boosters and that the school will report possible violations related to the newsletter to the NCAA.
The school ordered the coach to shut down his Web site — CoachFran.com — and will issue a ‘‘letter of admonishment.’’
Athletics director Bill Byrne said he’ll consider the newsletter when he evaluates Franchione at the end of the season. Franchione’s $2 million per year contract runs through 2012.
‘‘This will be part of his performance review,’’ Byrne said. ‘‘The Aggies are embarrassed right now. This has been a very unfortunate incident we did not want to experience.’’
Byrne was not aware of the newsletters — which boosters paid Franchione $1,200 a year for — until a reporter inquired about them about a month ago. A&M hired a consulting firm to investigate about two weeks ago, after Franchione admitted he provided the information in a newsletter called the ‘‘VIP Connection.’’
‘‘My guess is there was an attempt to keep it from us,’’ Byrne said. ‘‘I think the whole thing started as something well-intended, to keep a number of people who were good donors to the university forever informed about things that were going on. It just got out of control.’’
Franchione apologized to his team, the school and A&M fans in a statement released after Byrne met with reporters. He also tried to explain himself.
‘‘I was trying to keep some loyal Aggies informed on our program in greater detail throughout the year,’’ he said. ‘‘Please do not blame them. They were only trying to support our program.’’
Franchione said he was turning his attention to Saturday’s game at Texas Tech and would not comment further on the newsletter.
David Batson, A&M’s compliance officer, said he did not expect the NCAA to penalize the program with sanctions, though he wouldn’t rule it out.
‘‘I think the actions taken by the institution will suffice,’’ Batson said. ‘‘But ultimately, that’s a decision by the NCAA.’’
Among A&M’s actions, Franchione was ordered to no longer employ ‘‘any staff members that could be construed as representing Texas A&M or providing information or reports relative to his position as head coach at Texas A&M.’’
Byrne said Franchione’s longtime personal assistant, Mike McKenzie, actually wrote the e-mails, and Byrne suggested that Franchione may not have always known about the content. Byrne said McKenzie is no longer an A&M employee, though Byrne was unaware if Franchione was still employing him in some capacity.
The school pointed out three areas where possible violations occurred:
—Franchione did not report to A&M income generated through his Web site or from the VIP Connection. The school said Franchione thought he did not have to report the income until he actually received the proceeds that exceeded expenses incurred for maintaining the Web site.
The school reported that Franchione’s Web site and the e-mails generated about $80,000 between June 2005 and June 2007. The school said Franchione’s net profit was $37,806.32. A&M said McKenzie was paid by Franchione.
—The VIP Connection occasionally contained information about prospective student-athletes. The NCAA prohibits a school from commenting publicly on recruits until they sign letters of intent.
—The school suggested that Franchione violated Big 12 Conference standards of sportsmanship.
Batson said neither Franchione nor McKenzie were aware of newsletter recipients using the information for gambling.
The school released a list of 23 recipients of the VIP Connection, including Franchione’s wife, Kim, and their oldest daughter, Ashley.
Batson said the school has gathered newsletters from as far back as November 2006. He estimated that the newsletters started in the fall of 2004, the year after Franchione arrived at A&M.
No surprise here. Not saying it's true but one would have to assume there is something to it.


EDITED: Disregard the link. the mods there took it down.

Basically the poster says that according to his sources...(yeah I know)....Tubberville or his "camp" have in fact admitted interest in coaching TAM if there were to be a coaching vacancy. The poster cites his source as saying that Tubberville is unhappy with the regime at AU.

That's not ground-breaking stuff. Tubby's name has consistently come up (by the TAM fans) regarding that job for several years now, and this post just falls right in line with some of the stuff being said over there right now. Thought I'd share it though. Take it FWIW and stay tuned.
maybe tubby can to auburn what fran did to us
talking to a&m before the bama game and having his coachfran website already set up at A&M before he even left here

guess before the bama game this year a&m could set up
coachtommy.com before he goes there lol
TerryP said:
Over/Under on the number of days Mark Green says it's a conspiracy from Alabama to shake up their recruiting class. We've had it planned since '02.

They don't need any help messing up their recruiting class this season. They are doing well enough on their own.

If I were TT2, and I knew that I would be recruiting against Saban...and my job security rode on beating Bama enough to keep Lowder happy...and Mike Shula is gone...TAMU would be very attractive about now.
TerryP said:
Over/Under on the number of days Mark Green says it's a conspiracy from Alabama to shake up their recruiting class. We've had it planned since '02.

Now that's funny right there I don't care who you are!
porkchop said:
WDE1313 said:
I'm not sure who's following this more, you guys or aggies. :lol:

We have a vested interest at seeing Franchione fail miserably at any and everything he ever does. And we're not vindictive either. :twisted:

If you look at it in a unbias light, the only difference in Fran and Saban is one did it in the pros and the other in the collegiate ranks.
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