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Needless to say my first game was not good.I took my wife and 6 year old twins and was dissappointed. Not only did we lose, but I have been to 3 away games and was treated better and the atmosphere was tons better. Maybe my expectations were too high. There was a lot of unfriendly people, and again..this was before the game. After the game, why don't they block traffic to the interstate. I was really built up for the trip and I'll probly stick to the away games.
Sorry you were treated that way. I guess it was because I wasn't there. :D You should give it another shot.

I find our fans to be friendly. There are some self-righteous snobs, but you'll find that anywhere. I'm sure the atmosphere was a shock to you. I only have the atmosphere of the UGA, UT and LSU games this year to compare it to, and those were awesome.

My exit (#79) is blocked after the game to allow traffic to flow better out Hwy. 11. It's very easy getting to I-59 from there.
I never take the interstate the way I come (Hwy 13 by Greenpond / behind the Mercedes Plant /which will dump you right at BDS off University). The interstate is the devil! :twisted: :lol:

Sorry you had a bad experience. The atmosphere to ULM is of course not going to be as much as say one of the away games, which were bigger teams. But yeah a lot of us noticed it was flat to best describe it.

I've luckily never ran into the idiot UA fans but that's because I make sure to steer clear of them. As she said, there are bad apples in everyones team.

Don't stick to the away games. Come back next year and I'm sure you'll have a better time, especially if we are showing up to play :lol:
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