| FTBL LSU football team takes a hit (SIAP)



Sorry guys this is old (couple of days) but I just ran across it. It looks like Alley Broussard has decided to give up football. Not sure how much that effects the team because LSU supposedly has "all this talent" but it probably hurts a little. Broussard is experienced and at worst gives the team a solid 2nd or 3rd tailback to fall back on if needed.

I think LSU is overrated. They are talented but Les Miles is still their coach and the did lose a lot to the draft no matter how you look at it.
Bocephus, my thought on Miles is that LSU will always be ensured of atleast one loss per year with him there. I read something the other day that said "with Miles at the helm no loss is out of reach". :lol:
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