| FTBL Kadoo's to McElroy

Have to agree with you BigAl.

I have been very impressed with McElroy's 'field presence' and demeanor. He seems very comfortable in the role.

Admittedly, his playing time has been nothing more than mop-up duty - and who would not look comfortable with an insurmountable lead, but he just has the look of a serious QB. And that fade route could not have been thrown any more perfect by anyone.

If Jackson is our QB next year, then I suspect he will have beaten out a pretty good player and we will be pleasantly surprised by the level of play at that position next year. Actually, I think the latter will be true if McElroy wins the job too.
I don't see McElroy NOT being our guy. Its hard to find fault in what he has done in the few and scattered times he has been in. I'm a big McElroy fan.
It was a thing of beauty. McE's arm strength looks solid both in the deep ball and short pass. I look forward to seeing him out on the field as our QB next year.

Also would like to know how Star is progressing on practice and overall into "the process". Obviously he hasn't beaten McE out of the spot but I'm just curious as to how he is coming along.
To me, the job is his to lose next year. I truly believe that CNS wants someone to manage the game and not have to "air it out" 35-40 times a game even though I believe McElroy would be more than capable.
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