| FTBL Jonathan Lowe Carries This Weekend?


With the suspension of Coffee, and the injury to Upchurch, how many carries do you think Lowe will get this weekend? I know Saban said Johns might see some action, and I think Grant needs a rest. Lowe has played really well the past few weeks, and his touches have increased every week. I think the coaches really like him alot. Personally, I would like to see more of him, I think he hits the whole quicker than Grant, do you think Lowe will have a significant impant this weekend against a weaker opponent?
I would have to think that Lowe carries the tater a fair amount this week. Grant could probably carry the load himself but Saban might want to keep him fresh and spell him with Lowe, and if that's the case I could see Lowe getting maybe a little less than half the carries. if we run it 30 times I could see Lowe getting 10-13 carries maybe.
no. you have to block to be able to run. that was the problem with CMS's teams' approach to the running game. this team is a different animal.

JJ is being wasted at Alabama. at this point, Croom was right about the situation and for JJ's sake, i wish he had gone to missy state. he would probably be a starter at QB there at this point.

look back at the tapes of this years BAMA team when running out of the I. Baron Huber is a heck of a FB and our TEs are doing a much better job of sealing their blocks than any time over the last 5 years.
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