Introduce yourself if you were in the Armed Forces...

Well I guess i am next

Lets see I served 12 1/2 years in the USMC as a self propelled artillery mechanic (2144) after they did away with SPARTY I made the move to being a Armorer (2111) after I got out in 96 and found the civilian life sucked I got back in the Navy as a C-130T Loadmaster and thats where I currently work! NAS JRB NOLA!! :shock:
Rag squadron. F-14 ANY TIME BABY

I've always been partially to the oldie but goodie F4 Phantom. A buddy of mine when I was active had a funny quote on the F4 too. He was like, "that's one big SOB and proof that if you give anything enough lift it'll fly"! LOL! That's about right! The F4 is a pretty big plane, especially considring it's classified as a fighter (fighter/bomber technically) but the beauty has always been its ability to drop bombs, napalm, act in close support, attack fighter, recon. Jack of all trades that can do a bunch of things well.
I agree chop. Our squadron had the f-14 alpha and a few bravos, the ones that were slated to go to Vietnam if it had continued. They were at times a real pain in the you know what. I also like the catch saying for the A7 Corsair which is " Ugly, but well hung" and the E2 hawkeye. Their patch( e2 squads that is) for the hawkeye has a little Tomcat sitting on the shoulder of a big hawk and the hawk is pointing toward some bandits and the hawk is saying to the Tomcat " Sic em baby" :lol:
A7 maneaters.

I was with a A-6 squadron and a EA6B Squadron. That A-6 would drop some mark 84s. Was stationed in Whidbey Island Washington,and did WestPacs on the Uss Consellation, USS Independence, USS Midway for a short time. Finished up on the USS Carl Vinson. Had over 3 years sea duty.
US Army
10 years
63B Wheel Mech.
64C Driver Trk.

And any thing else that I was told to do. But no war time.
God Bless!! to all that have and will serve in war time.
USAF, May '67 - November '70.
Sgt. (E4)
Accounting & Finance Office
24 months, MacDill AFB, FL
15 months, CCK AB, Taiwan

If you came back from 'Nam and processed through CCK, I might have been the one who screwed your pay records up. Actually, I worked in Allotment Recon, straightening out the mess that Pay Specialists in country had made of a GI's allotment records.

Real dangerous stuff.
USAF / 20 yrs / Ret MSgt. 1970-1990
Basic Trng Instr (Lackland AFB)
Airman Leadership Academy Commandant (Eglin AFB)
Security Police (Law Enforcement & Missle Security)
Info Mgt w/numerous units.
Stationed at: Lackland, Grand Forks, U-Tapao Thailand, Carswell, Lackland, Scott, Incirlik Turkey, Eglin and some TDY's here and there.

Taught AF Jr. ROTC for 8 yrs (High School) after retirement in: (Laredo, Tx 2yrs, Decatur, Al 1 yr and Nashville, Tn 5 yrs). Still live in Nashville, Tn.

Enjoyed my time. Glad I stayed in. Monthly check helps. Met a lot of good people and saw a lot of the world outside of Alabama.

Lived in Andalusia, Al and moved to Opelika, Al. Grad from OHS, went to So. Union Comm College in Opelika and then to Alex City Jr. Col. Then to the AF.

The most important thing about living in Opelika is that au didn't rub off on me at all even though my brother and I used to sell cushions at their home games. THE CRIMSON RUNS VERY DEEP.

email is:
12 and counting ADAF, Nov 92 - present
2T370 Vehicle Maintenance, E-6/TSgt
I have time at Davis-Monthan in Tucson, AZ, RAF Lakenheath, UK, Elmendorf AFB, AK and now currently at Hurlburt Field, FL.
I don't and probably never will have any military experience, but I thank God every night for men and women like ya'll. I don't care if you're a janitor in the coast guard, serving in the U.S. military requires tremendous sacrifice and shouldn't be taken for granted by us civilians.

Thank you for serving, so I don't have to.
FL, how was Elmendorf when you were there? I spent three years there but it was when I was young and my parents were in, not me.

You know that Anchorage is about the size of Birmingham these days. Roughly 280,000. I talked to a guy from the city when I was at Lackland that said it was one of the fastest growing sities in the country right now. :shock:

I sure bet it's changed a lot since I was there. I doubt I would even recognize it.
It was an awesome assignment. As far as Anchorage itself goes, in a way it kinda felt like I was in a time warp. Most of the buildings had thats 60s and 70s look to them. Probably due to being rebuilt after the massive Good Friday earthquake that hit there in the mid 60s. Alaska had some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life. It was truly breath-taking. I would not doubt the surge in size. It was just waiting to grow.
Yeah, people say it still has that "frontier town" quality to it.

Like I said, it's been years since I was there. I'd love to go back though and do some site seeing and camping.
TSgt David Masters USAF 11 years and counting

San Antonio Texas
Osan AB South Korea
Offutt AFB Nebraska (currently)

Trips to Saudi (2001) and Kuwait (2004)

Medically retired June 2007
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