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Kirk Van de Graaff

Gravity Checker
Living in Tennessee, I am really bathing in this victory. It is exactly what I hoped would of happened, but didn't have the guts to believe. Letting this all soak in for a day or so has only made me realize that obviously the players are buying into Coach Sabans philosophy. I really didn't expect it to happen this quick. Its taking the fans a little longer, but thats normal, proof is in the pudding.

Bama fans have been conditioned over the last decade or so to expect the worse. Its going to take time as they say. Its a process, as Coach Saban has been repeating since day one. Coach, you got those players believing, evidence shown by the hammering they put on UT. A relentless machine thats being tested for the years to come, might I add. Soon we will have a product worthy of release to the mainstream. Still in the testing phase but soon.

Coach and team, you are working on the fans indirectly by getting our team fired up and defending home base, nobody is coming to our house from here on thinking they got a easy win. Dominate every play you say? Nobody can ask for anything more than what this team has given this year. Well, maybe a hammering of Auburn would top it off. That would soothe all of the last decade, right down to my soul.

I don't care what our rivals think of this fan base, yes we expect to win, yes we are arrogant at times, yes we fill our stadium up against any team, even the lower tier teams. We are loud, proud and ready for some added history and tradition. Its happening right before our eyes gang. We deserve it as much as any fan base out there. After all we have endured and supported this team through hell or high water. Just buy into the process and everything will be fine.

No matter what happens this year, I believe in the process, I see the process, evidence has been shown. We have been in every game this year. We are defending our home turf or at least giving them all they want. Players are accountable for their actions and we are still winning. This process is working, make no mistake about it. Its a damn good day to be a Alabama fan! Actually, It's always a good day to be a Alabama fan!

Roll Tide!
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