| FTBL How will it end (USC/Bush)?

How does this end for USC?

  • USC gets off scott free and nothing will ever come of these allegations

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  • USC forfeits all games Bush played in

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  • A slap on the wrist at worse

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  • Staring down the barrel of a loaded NCAA gun

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Funny how that whole Reggie Bush with an agent thing has died down within the last couple of weeks. With any luck the NCAA won't even have to address it at all.

So what happens gang? You make the call.
A slap on the wrist at worse. The NCAA will probably make a public statement/warning to USC and Pete Carroll, and may even pull 1 or 3 schollys, but that's it. The NCAA has already shown on more than one occasion that they'll do whatever they feel like doing, whenever they feel like doing it, and laugh in the face of those who oppose the punishment/non-punishment.

I wouldn't be suprised if ESPN/ABC isn't brokering some kind of huge deal with USC/Pac-10 for their saturday night crap, because they sure have backed off of i......excuse me....they shore did drop it like it wuz HOT!!! Yeah, that sounded more like ESPN.
It's a dead issue Zero will come of this.
It's the ncaa's M/O. Sadly there will never be an equal set standard
punishment for infractions.
It's not right but it is what it is. :evil:
I say they get a slap on the wrists, which is unfortunate. Because they deserve every bit as much or more punishment as Bama recieved, though Bama didn't deserve it, I believe USC does.
This is not going to be very popular here.

Now, I understand that Alabama got hammered over the Langham signing a napkin deal. But later, at least part of the penalties were dropped on appeal. Also, 2 wrongs don't make a right.

If USC was giving Bush money directly, or if this somehow gave them a "competitive edge" I'd agree they would need to be hammered. Here's the thing though, USC didn't give him money, and agent provided free/reduced price housing for his parents. The parents living in this house didn't help USC win any games.

So why should USC get slammed? Just because we did back in '95?
Some punishment is needed yes, but I don't think they should have to forfeit a bunch of games and/or lose a lot of scholarships.

I'm wondering if the law suit from Dr Jones back then, a long with all of the recent law suits, (not just the ones from former Bama coaches) are making the NCAA be a little more careful in there dishing out of penalties and sanctions?
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