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Wondering what you guys' take on this is: after our big win, do you think we will come out flat (like we did against Tulane) when we play Kentucky and/or Ole Miss?

Assuming we dont, a whole of lot of Bama fans could be tuning into the Sooner-Horns game in a couple weeks...
Saban was ticked off pretty good about the way BAMA play in the 3rd quarter last night. He was also pretty hot over the execution on special teams. I don't think the team will be feeling like they won anything this week, and I very seriously doubt they come out flat against an undefeated SEC opponent this Saturday.
I sense the fan base getting with The Program. For most of my life the reaction from the Bama Family that I would have expected would have been streams of discussions about the best places to stay in Miami for the NC game and who we might be playing. Instead, I see/hear more talk about Kentucky coming off losing the preceding two quarters by a score of 30-10. If this is the fan base, what is going on in the locker room?
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