| PICK 'EM 2023 Pick 'em (plural) launching soon! 7-11 update

We've got one more upgrade we'll install before the season starts: I'm looking at the differences in have a chat room for game days, or going back with the live thread(s) option.

It's 40-50 buck deal ... again, something we're going to do regardless, ya know?

On the pick 'em side of things ... i'll be launching those this weekend; at least the shell of the games.

I'll toss y'all a few bucks.
The few ads and the Bamazon link help, but they don't go very far in covering the costs of the website (which is more about the costs than it is about the money they bring in). RTB is basically Alabama Baseball, operating in the red. Doemasters, is Alabama Football, bailing them out year after year and keeping it afloat. Lance isn't going to ask for funds, this is a hobby for him and he enjoys doing it... otherwise, he wouldn't spend his time (and money) doing it. But, if you do enjoy the site, I'd point out that any money sent would help him cover some of the expenses... which go up every year.

what the fuck am I?
FWIW, this is starting to come together nicely ... I'm looking at having at least one of the Pick-em's published today...maybe two...

We'll get into a preview soon so keep your eyes open.

Straight up
And versus the spread picks ...
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