| FTBL Guys, the UA administration reached out to me

Love those historical logos. But I wish they could repurpose the block A by itself (without the elephant) as a newer logo. Make it a shorter, thicker block A with just a little space in the middle. Think of how the red S signifies Stanford. Well we need to own the crimson A. As stated before the script A resembles the Braves too much.
@BamaFan334 That is a touch gawdy for every game use IMO. I think one stripe and have it thin crimson with white in the middle. Smaller script A at the top of the stripe directly on the hip. If nothing else the script A in the thigh pads would be so subtle but absolutely awesome.

Only complaint on script A. Is its slight resemblance to Atlanta Braves.
For a while when Bama changed from the Block A...they did use the Atlanta A for a little while. Back in the 1900's when I was growing up I went to Bama Fever in Dothan and bought my dad a fitted Alabama hat for fathers day. He still has it. I bought it around 88-90 ish.
This is the one from years ago that closely resembled the Braves A...

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