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The Resident College Football Expert Week 8 – The Pack of Ten Losers!

by The Resident College Football Expert

Your Resident College Football Expert has been basking in the glow of the Oregon State over California upset special pick for days now. What a great pick. Such an upset pick only comes along once in a life time for some other “so called” prognosticators. For your Expert however, it’s more like two or three times a year. The Pac 10, called by so many Sports Writers “College Football’s Toughest Conference” just a few short weeks ago, is starting to look pretty sad right now. How does an upper crust team like Cal lose to a bottom feeder like Oregon State in this supposed “Power Conference”? Oregon State’s recruiting base is mainly the rural parts or Oregon and Washington. Most of the Northern California players go to USC or UCLA. If you aren’t familiar with the rural regions of the northwest, think about Mississippi only the people have different accents, it’s colder, and there are fewer catfish farms and Elvis themed attractions.

Needless to say, it’s not easy to find a wealth of talent in such a region, but yet they knocked off one of the Pac 10’s “elite”. Your Expert would even speculate that if there is a real blue chipper in the state of Oregon, just like so many Mississippi blue chippers head to Bama, most them probably head for USC or maybe even Cal.

Adding to the conference your Expert will from this point forward be calling “The Pack of 10 Losers” humiliation was Stanford’s loss to TCU. You remember Stanford, right? The team that just beat mighty USC about a week and a half ago? Yep, fresh off a loss to WYOMING, TCU marches into Stanford and brings home a victory. Talk about a “Power Conference”. When you start losing to teams in the bottom half of the Mountain West, your Expert has to guess that means your conference is really good.

Your Expert believes he has really turned the corner with that Oregon State pick. From here on out, NOTHING BUT WINNERS! This season has been quite a puzzle, but your Expert now has it all put together and it’s smooth sailing from here.

Thursday Night Special: USF vs Rutgers

Easy money this week is probably going to be loading up on Rutgers. Why? Because your Exper just doesn’t see it. USF has played far too well the past few weeks and Rutgers has been playing far too poorly for the Scarlet Knights to even have a chance in this one. That makes USF the perfect fit as that team that your Expert picks to get upset week after week, then the week he FINALLY picks them, they bite him in the butt again by losing. Your Expert ain’t falling for it this year. He’s not sure how, but somehow, Rutgers must win this game, evidentially. Rutgers Some Number USF Some Smaller Number

The Barn vs. LSU

Some real fine amateur prognosticators around these parts. That’s why your Expert chose one of you to study his craft as his intern. No sense in restating things when the intern has already said all that needs to be said…

Bamaman37; “I think LSU is going to be mad, and they will take out their anger on auburn.”

That pretty much sums up what’s going to happen, but what’s this ‘I Think’ business? True ”EXPERTS” KNOW that’s what’s going to happen. LSU 34 The Barn 10

The Viles vs. Bama

Your Expert was all ready to count his money thinking Vegas would post the Viles as about a ten point favorite and he could load up on Bama. Those crafty devils went out and made Bama the favorite after seeing the Viles 1-2 mark on the road this season (ouch!). The Viles just ain’t a good road team. They give up too many yards when playing away from home, WAY too many. Bama 31 The Viles 23

Florida vs. Kentucky

The stretch of South Carolina, LSU, and Florida just looked like way too much for Kentucky to handle. That’s why your Expert lost hope, but now, he believes again. Two very different stories for these teams this year. One is a hard luck loser, losing all their close games; the other is finding ways to pull things out in the end. If the Cats can keep it close (and at home, they should) then they will find a way to pull it out in the end. Kentucky 27 Florida 24

aTm vs. Nebraska

A battle of two teams that suffered humiliating, embarrassing, devastating defeats last week meet up and one of them has to rebound. So who will it be? Sorry Franny haters, but aTm will take this one. Nebraska’s loss was far more devastating and the hang over effect will be a lot more lingering for the Huskers. Plus, after the past few years, aTm has gotten really used to being embarrassed by Texas Tech and needing to rebound. They’ve done it lots of times before. aTm 23 Nebraska 17

Michigan vs. Illinois

Michigan is ranked again? Really? So soon? For a media darling like Michigan, your Expert has to guess that little things like “the biggest upset in the history of college football” must be easily forgotten. Sports writers are usually a forgetful bunch. Like a couple of weeks ago when they forgot what a terrible coach Zooky is and proclaimed that he was “bringing it.” Still gives your Expert a laugh to think about it. Zook, bringing it? He’s leaving it at home again this week. Michigan 23 Illinois 10

Texas Tech vs Missouri

Your Expert told you last week and he’s telling you again, this Missouri team just isn’t very good. They finally lost a game and they only drop two spots? Come on AP writers, just because you pick a team to be good in the preseason doesn’t mean you should keep voting them up in the polls. Missouri is going to do a lot more losing this year, no matter how easy their schedule is. This week, they will lose to Texas Tech. Texas Tech 28 Missouri 18

North Texas Hating Pick of the Week: North Texas vs Troy

So North Texas finally won a game, DARN! Your Expert was getting all excited at the thought of them going 0-12 this season. Oh well. 1-11 will have to make us happy enough. This week, North Texas loses to Troy. Troy 35 North Texas 3

Upset of the Week #1: USC vs Notre Dumb

Just when your Expert thought the Dumb had turned it around and was about to make a BSC run, they go out and lose to Boston College, but your Expert has them all figured out now. They are just the kind of team that can only win against teams from California who are playing a back-up quarterback. That must be it. Hey, USC fits that description and since they lost to Stanford two weeks ago, they must like losing to teams who don’t win a lot and Notre Dumb fits that description this year. Notre Dumb 18 USC 17

Upset of the week #2: Mississippi State vs West Virginia

Apart form the opener against LSWho? Mississippi State has played some darn good football this year (told you this season was crazy). Plus, your Expert is sticking to his guns on his “all the Big East teams are WAY overrated this year, even Syracuse who is rated 117 out of 119 teams” comment from earlier in the season. The Bulldogs bring a bit more pride to the SEC and knock off the Mountaineers. Mississippi State 20 West Virginia 17
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