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I started thinking (the first problem :D ) about all of the penalties called yesterday on us. We know that some of the coaches we've played so far are pretty big whiners. Petrino, Richt, others....I tended to get the feeling that the refs were calling penalties based on something other than what it appeared to actually be.

What I'm saying is that I think some coaches from around the league have possibly been whining to the league office, particularly due to the fact that we have steamrolled everyone so far. These coaches are in denial, and probably have some envy issues to deal with. Top that off with Saban's recruiting skill, and the fact that he simply is a better coach, and you can see where I'm going with this.

I will simply ask anyway here to harken back to the days while we were under investigation back in 2001. The SEC office in Birmingham didn't do us any favors back then, and I'd say that they aren't willing to do any now. True enough, Roy Kramer is gone...But I doubt Mike Slive wants to see Bama run over everyone in the conference either.

I'm looking for the penalties to increase, if anything, in the next two games particularly (Ole Miss, at Tennessee). We will be winning over the other team, and the zebra stripes.

I'm not looking for excuses, but I know Bama isn't going to get a break from the conference it built. JUST SAYIN.....
Other coaches influencing Refs into bad calls when they have already been beaten by Bama, or not even played Bama?

Would these powerful coaches be Western Kentucky's, in a game that the Hilltoppers were not supposed to be competitive? Tulane's, with Bob Toledo who has as much influence? Arkansas where penalties against Bama are likely not the reason that they look to be the worst team in the league? Clemson, where in the following 5 weeks the Tigers have shown that they deserved to lose a game against a Bama level team. Or is it Georgia, where the Dawgs have spent the season staking claim to being one of the most penalized team in all of College Football themselves?

Looking ahead, who do you think this all-powerful coach is, who would risk their job to satisfy by making bad calls?

I'm sorry, I think you're barking up the wrong tree.
musso said:
fwiw, i thought Caldwell could have easily been called for holding on Coffee's TD run.

I don't know about that. There's not much he could have done when the defender turned his back to him and started backpedaling. Were the refs horrible in this game? Very. Should they be blamed for our poor play? Not entirely. Are coaches bribing players? I highly doubt that.
Refs could call holding on almost ever play, both ways.

The Julio pass interference(third quarter?)...was pathetic. Several plays the CB guarding him was pulling at his jersey etc. If you are gonna let em play...why call something were the receiver never even pushed off the DB.

Worst crew in the SEC I have seen so far.
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