| FTBL CECIL HURT: "Pattern in personality" must change

moreno_iv said:
Cecil seems a little pissed himself. Right on, Cecil.
Hes wrote 2 storys in 2 weeks telling the the BAMA nation this and that. When in the end of todays game it would appear we have a lack of guts to play ball. WE are lacking the fire to win.
Pre-Saban, I'm sure all of you had seen the term "NFL hangover" in regards to Shula and some of the decisions made on and off the field. The phrase was used in reference to a maturation process we felt he needed to acclimate to the college head coaching role.

Since Saban's arrival, I'm sure a lot of you have seen the term "Shula hangover" when we've discussed different aspects of the team this year. I mentioned to some of the staff members here I think that phrase may have been misunderstood. I know I've used the term countless times, but never really broke down what I was referring to when I said it.

While thinking about the game last night and more this morning that phrase kept crossing my mind. And, as we all have witnessed the last two weeks, it isn't a supposition, but a fact.

As usual, Cecil has summed it up very, very well with his article on the state of the football program. He listed three things that needed to change.

Cecil Hurt said:
What can correct “a pattern of personality?” On a football team, it can be one of three things and Alabama may need all three. Turnover on the roster can do it in part. Painful self-examination on the part of the players, and a stern commitment to break the pattern will help. It will take a coach who demands the change.

There is only one thought I want to add...

I feel not only do we have a team that doesn't know how to handle a loss like the one vs MSU, but a team that also doesn't know how to handle a win like the one vs UT.
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