| FTBL Can we throw the ball against jawga?

I just don't think that we have pushed the passing game that much at this point in the game plans.

We haven't been forced to pass as much as we have been accustomed to the past few years.

FWIW, I think all that changes this week. JPW holds all but one of the 'Bama passing records (we know he is capable), we have a decent receiving core, our tight ends are being utilized effectively, & the run game will support the play action. I think we will do fine.
I to hope we don't have to depend on JPW's arm to get the W at UGA. When we do pass, however, I love the way we are usiing teh TE's. Given Julio's size and vertical jump capability, I'm a little surprised we haven't tried the ol "jump ball" in the back of the endzone with him. Or maybe we haven't had to.

I didn't get to see video of Tulane or Western KY, so maybe we tried it and I just wasn't aware of it.

If the OL gets rolling early, I think Coffee and Ingram could have a big night!
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