| CURRENT EVENTS Brittney Griner in Exchange for an Arms Dealer

Putin himself said that Griner was the only one on the table, but discussions could continue, but I suppose Putin could be covering for Biden and how the negotiation was handled by Biden
Yes, let's take Putin at face value. He saw a U.S. politician flailing to bring back a celebrity who would do anything to bring her back. He just kept the Whelan card in his hand.
Riddle me why was the last politician that took up residence in the White House able to get anybody back? I mean I would think since they’re buddies he would’ve been able to
If you’re talking about Trump and Putin, don’t think they were buddies, and the collusion issue has been completely debunked. That being said, you’ll not see me defending Donald Trump because he is a narcissistic, amoral piece of sh!t who cheated and schemed those in the private sector long before he ever arrived in office. That is opposed to Biden who used his official positions, for decades, to peddle influence and engage in unethical and illegal conduct while in office. They both possess equally repulsive qualities and track records. I’m grateful Trump was shallow enough to let greater minds set policies and appointments.
We look like cuckolds after this trade. Countries now know, with Biden in office, they can detain an American (or certain types of Americans) and we’ll swap whoever we have of theirs to get that person back. We used to not negotiate with terrorists. Now, not only do we negotiate, we get flat out robbed in the deal. In a negotiation, we got raped.

US: “Russia, you’ve got a bicycle we want, what will you trade for it?”
Russia: “How about the Ferrari we’ve had our eye on for a few years?”
US: “Deal!”

How many of you out there think the country would have swapped the merchant of death for you, if you got busted in Russia breaking a law? How many think the US would have freed you in 9 months?

Merchant of Death has already come out and said he supports the war in Ukraine and offered Putin his full support in the war. That’s not to be discounted.
Had he stopped at the statement about trading a common criminal for a guy that has had his hand in killing people then that would’ve been fine, the rest of his comment is in fact homophobic or maybe just ignorant because he says “instead of worrying about the economy and illegal immigration” then proceeds to say “alphabet gang” and talking about 10 year olds getting surgery and shit, none of which has anything to do with this, so maybe it was just ignorant and not homophobic.
Phobia. A strong, sometimes irrational fear. It's also defined as an aversion to something.

There are A LOT of different types of people, personalities, and groups I don't want to have anything to do with—I don't want them around me. Some in the "alphabet gang" he refers to fall into that category.

You can tag me with any "phobic" you'd like. It won't be true.

Now, a bit of a rant there? Yeah, some of his comments were out of left field considering the thread—and some true as well.

I'll tell you what I think is fucked up. When people read something, or hear something, and immediately have to "label" these things in their own categories. I see so many cases of people saying "accept that identity" while at the same time creating an identity for, and to, the same person.

I'll bring this back to Griner. I don't like, or respect her. It has nothing to do with what's happening here. She's a domestic violence abuser. Personna-non-grata. I don't want her anywhere around me. I have an aversion to her. I dislike domestic abusers.

Am I now a homophobic in your eyes?

none of which has anything to do with this,

Sort of like your inclusion of Desantis, Trump, etc.?
Riddle me why was the last politician that took up residence in the White House able to get anybody back? I mean I would think since they’re buddies he would’ve been able to
I find this comment ironic given the thread.

Why was Obama able to get Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl back to the states? By releasing five Taliban members.

Which brings us back to a basketball player.
Riddle me this on this subject. Whelan was arrested for the same thing Griner was only 4 years ago, who "picks" or determines which one we "trade" for and why...again, I go back to " you effed up" own it. They don't give 2 shits if it was for "medicinal" reasons. When will people realize Russia ain't Colorado...its illegal there...period. As 'Stomp has repeated, have some common sense folks. Old saying goes...dont do the crime if you cant do the time.
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