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The deal has gone through; Griner will be coming home. I'm glad to see she's getting out of there. She broke the Russians' law, and she's more than paid her price. However...Paul Whelan was not part of this deal. How?!? Pitiful and appalling negotiating on behalf of this administration...AND after the midterms were over. I guess Joe's banking on the country being as forgetful as he is. Sending an arms dealer back to Russia while this mess in the Ukraine is still going on, too...Wow.
It wasn’t like she was caught with something serious, a couple of vape cartridges.

Only reason she was held to begin with is because she was well known
Those vape cartridges are illegal in their country and she was caught. It is a serious offense there. But, taking into consideration your thoughts, we are still willing to trade someone who did do something serious (he had a freaking movie based partly on his arms deals for god sake) for someone who did nothing serious. Now Russia knows they can get whomever they want, no matter how dangerous, from the US just by catching some semi-famous person doing something mildly illegal.
I would disagree

...a spectrum denotes a continuum as in a gradient of all colors. It doesn't have "sides". I would only hope that political opinions were that varied and nuanced. But in the current political climate of this country, I'd go with a term like "isle" rather than spectrum.

...but that's just me.
Let me preface this by saying , I’m not above burning one if I’m on vacation or out canoeing or something but to swap a High value prisoner for an American hatin pot head. Just don’t seem right . If I were negotiating the trade , it would have been for the Marine. Brittney would have been the deal sealer for them to get the American killing arms dealer back. Another example of this administration weak ass decision making on display. Afghanistan comes to mind , when he left people behind. Embarrassing!

While there are thousands in jail in this country for the exact same charge and rightly charged because of Laws.

But she somehow was wrongly charged even though they have laws against what she did .
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