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Here are some of my own thoughts on how this game breaks down and what Bama must do to win:

1). In The Trenches: As we know, all football contests are won in the trenches on both sides of the ball. UA has the decided advantage in my opinion on the line of scrimmage. CUM seems to agree with me on this point........

"We think this is the most physical offensive line we've faced in the last few years," Urban Meyer said. "It says a lot because last year's LSU team was physical as well. We're going to have to have a little movement up front so they can't just tee off on you with their size. That's my worst fear." - Coach Urban Meyer

Bama has, in the words of the ousted Tommy Tuberville, "A huge, strong OL that dominates people and wears them down."
Alabama has one of the best left tackles in college football in Andre Smith, and center Antoine Caldwell is an All-SEC lineman

Florida has some issues with health on the defensive line, while Bama comes into the game healthy and with a dominating NT in Terrance Cody. Cody may not be called for 10 tackles a game, but he requires a minimum of a double team on blocking schemes which free's up the UA LB's for plays.

UF likes to run between the tackles with Tim Teabow do to his large size at around 230-240 pounds. This won't work as well with a 375 pound NT and two inside LB's that are both in the 250 pound range.

2). Julio Jones- Bama needs to get Julio Jones involved in the game plan early on. If Bama is able to complete some timely passes, the running game will continue to stay open and allow Bama to eat up the clock on time consuming drives. The best way to defend the UF offense is to keep them on the sideline.

Jones has been everything he was hyped to be coming out of highschool. JPW recently shared his thoughts on JJ:

"He's one of the best players I've ever played with," Wilson said. "He makes everybody around him better."

Bama doesn't throw the ball a lot.......hasn't had too.......when they do, Wilson looks to JJ often and he has 20 more catches than anyone else on the team. Bama will also look to involve the TE and some screens to the HB's to off set UF's speed and agressiveness.

3). Tim Teabow & Percy Harvin: Bama must control Tim Teabow and not allow him to employ his legs to gain significant yardage. Look for the Tide to "spy" him and keep someone in to keep him contained if he starts using his legs to try and make things happen. I don't expect a spy right off, but it could very well happen at some point in the game.

Percy Harvin's injury may be worse than we were led to believe at first according to sources within the Miami Herald. If he does play, Bama has to know where he is lined up at all times. Look for Bama to sell out on the run when he lines up directly under center. The wild cat formation has become popular but in reality is nothing more than a single wing. It hasn't been seen in years except on the high school level. Bama has been quite adept at defending this style of formation.

4). Special Teams:
UF seriously struggled with kickoff coverage in Tallahassee. CUM shared his thoughts on the play of his coverage unit:

"Up to that point, I felt our kickoff team has improved to be the best since we've been here," Meyer said. "So I don't want to panic."

Javier Arenas is a sensational returner, but the Gators have a pretty good one themselves in Brandon James. Alabama is currently 10th in punting and seventh in the league in kickoff coverage with only two touchbacks. That needs to improve for this game.

Field position is extremely important and we need a solid day from our special teams units.

5). Moving The Ball: UF Offense vs. UA Defense:

UF leads the SEC in first downs this season. But no team in the SEC has given up fewer first downs than Alabama.

One reason for that is that Bama allows opponents to convert only one quarter of their third-down opportunities. That's the best third-down defense in the nation.

Florida has converted on 48.9 percent of its third downs. While the Gators are used to a bunch of big-play scores, they are probably going to have to grind out some drives. This is what Bama must force them to do. Don't give up the big play and make UF drive the ball.

Coaching & Intangibles: Urban Meyer & Nick Saban are two of the best coaches in the nation. CUM is an offensive mind, while Saban is a defensive guru.

Saban will employ combo coverages in the secondary and try to pressure TT with his front seven. No one is better at game planning than CNS and he will have Bama's defense ready.

While the world is expecting UF to destroy the Tide with a high powered attack, look for Bama to claim their first SEC title with good old fashioned power football.


UF- 24

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