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Bo’s RTB.com Player of the Week

Well, weekend #4 has passed and it’s time again for Bo’s RTB.com Player of the week. I’m getting straight to the point this week, no rambling about maybe this guy or that guy. I’m just going to go ahead and name the PoTW. This weeks PoTW is none other than Casey Dick. Did you see those beautiful throws he made to Javier Arenas and Justin Woodall? He was doing an awesome job all night, other than that interception he threw to Andrew Davie……… Wait, I’m sorry, I got a little confused. Casey Dick was actually playing for Arkansas. So let’s move on.

So who should be this weeks PoTW? There’s several folks to choose from. Brandon Fanney did a great job from the Jack position. Rolando McClain as always, continues to impress. John Parker Wilson managed the game very well. He didn’t have big time passing stats, but when the ground game is working like it was, you don’t have to throw the ball. Javier Arenas continues to impress me as a DB. The guy covers well, and also does a good job with his run support. There are several others that probably deserve honorable mention, but let’s go ahead and pick the guy that is this week’s PoTW.

Player of the Week!
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