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College World Series Bracket... Games start up tomorrow...

My yearly preference of teams I want to win it all (preference, not prediction) from best scenerio to worst
1. Virginia
2. North Carolina
3. NC State
4. FSU
5. Kentucky
6. Texas A&M
7. Florida
8. Tennessee

SportsLine CWS Odds
Tennessee +290
Texas A&M +330
Kentucky +500
North Carolina +600
Florida State +750
Virginia +900
NC State +1100
Florida +1200

If Kentucky can stay grounded and play their game, I think they have a good shot. For starters, they are very well coached... but they do all the little things right and rarely beat themselves. They can hit for power, hit and run, play small ball, run the bases... they play great defense, and their pitching is good enough. They are not a team you want to get locked up with in a close game, because they just apply pressure in so many ways. The Vols are the favorite, and should be. But I think it's been like 25 years since the overall #1 seed won it all in Ohama... hopefully that continues. I doubt the Gators win it, but that's good value with them at +1200. Anyone that's watched the Aggies this year knows that they can go toe to toe with anyone at the plate, Vols included. I expect them to play well, but to have a chance their bats need to stay hot.

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