| FTBL Bama vs Ole Miss 1989---Tide hangs 62 on the Rebs

As I remember, we actually did all that scoring from about five minutes into the game until the end of the third quarter or early part of the fourth.

Siran Stacy and Kevein Turner was probably the best tailback/fullback combe we have ever had.
RollTideinGA said:
rammajamma said:
Eli was actually giving to location of the ball!

He does now. I dont get the bad rap he gets from some Bama fans. :roll:

Its all in fun really. I love Eli. I am just glad that I do not have to listen to the games on the radio because sometimes he seems to get too excited and kind of loses his place.
bamatommy said:
Ole Miss actually jumped out to a 21-0 lead, then the Tide came in and drowned them.


I will never forget that game. I was working on my car and listening to it on the radio. When Ole Miss got up 21-0 I got mad and turned the game off. I went in the house and got ready to go somewhere. When I got in the car to leave a half hour later, we were crushing them.
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