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Hey gang, it's almost that time of year again; National Signing Day. The time when all of the country's high school football prospects make their official pronouncements on which school they plan to attend. As always, this is a huge day for college football, and for the site here. Historically it's been one of our busiest days year in, year out.

The staff here has a big day planned for the members and we'll do our best to provide you all with the most up-to-date recruiting info to include articles, analysis, video, quotes, and of course, coverage on the actual LOI signings.

You guys enjoy it and we hope that you'll be able to log onto the site and participate in what we expect to be one of the best signing days for the Crimson Tide in recent memory.
TerryP said:
kudzu said:
Calling in sick to work that day! :oops:

Hey, it's history in the making. :D

Me too. Considering heading to a local pub, having a few cold ones while I put together the piece I have in mind about the day.

Does this make us bad people or maybe obsessed? :shock:
kudzu said:
Does this make us bad people or maybe obsessed? :shock:

Only if you dip into your 401k retirement plan for a "bounty" to frame your arch rival who happens to be kicking your collective arse in recruiting.
I'll only be working half a day, BUT I still won't be able to follow the progress. Got some stuff that HAS to be taken care of.

I was wandering though, if there is a kind soul, who will be following this, who is a verizon wireless user, and who wouldn't mind shooting me a text when the big names sign their LOI, or when there may be any surprises out there.

My reference to "the big names" refers basically to:

Julio Jones
Jerrell Harris
Mark Ingram
Marcel Dareus
TJ Bryant

And by "any surprises" I mean if we get someone that just comes under the radar, sorta out of nowhere, OR (God forbid) any of our previous verbals actually announce and sign LOI somewhere besides Bama.

IF you are the person I'm talking about, shoot me a PM please, I'd be most greatful.

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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