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EABAMA said:
viewing question. I know it's a pay-per-view, but for us out of state(Arkansas)will we be getting it on ESPN Gameplan?

I may be mistaken, but since it is PPV wouldn't still have to pay for it since you are in Arkansas?

I do believe Gameplan blacks out games when it is in direct competition to cable companies and their revenue, don't they?

If I recall correctly, those with game plan in Alabama still had to pay for the PPV the last game we had, didn't they?
I think your right Terry, i believe i will end up having to buy the pay-per-view to watch it, since Gameplan will most likely be blacked out in Arkansas.

Thanks for the feedback guys!!
I live in Florida and have the Gameplan. I have gotten all the SEC games on it for the most part except a few.It blacked out a Florida game but only because it was on locally. It will be on Gameplan and if your in Arkansas it should be playing locally if its blackout out.
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