| FTBL Are any of you flying in/out of JAX?

Denny Chimes said:
BamaDelta said:
Delta, that is. :)
Probably, but out of Reagan National (DCA). You working that one?
Not sure yet who I will use out of JAX. Need a non-stop to MEM.


Can't help you there. :) I'm sure Northwest works better for you most of the time.

ATL-JAX-ATL for me. Our flight out Sunday has been full for a couple of months. Here's hoping it's mostly Bama fans. a$#
Flying in/out

I'll be flying out of B'ham on Southwest Thursday evening. If I can ever help it I will never fly Delta again. I used to fly on AA on my pop's dime but they have made it so that it's not worth trying to fly standby anymore.

I can't wait to get the hector out of here for the long weekend. I don't go back to work until Tuesday.
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