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Does anyone have maybe a hint of what to expect ticket prices to be at the stadium by sellers? I'm a bit strapped for a spare $90 this weekend but I'm wanting to take my wife to see the game. Just wondering if I can expect ticket prices to be around $20 each around the stadium come game time.
weezyfbaby00 said:
I'll be there, down from Indiana. I'm also bringing a Penn State fan with me so he can enjoy his first crimson experience

Welcome to the site!!

Should of brought him to a big one, probably won't be impressed as much with this game. :D
ACL11190 said:
Me and my girlfriend are going...gonna have to search for tickets.

I'm sure there will be plenty to be had for face-value, if not cheaper, around the stadium.

Me and my wife are heading down early in the morning (to see the previous players @ 11:00) and plan on finding a pair of tickets for cheap. It shouldn't be too hard, or so I hope. (Crosses fingers :lol: )
I'll be there

I'll be taking my six year old to his first Bama game. He was pretty much hooked at birth, much to his mom's chagrin. I am in a mixed marriage. Looking forward to making a memory for both me and my son. Roll Tide! :D
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