| FTBL Alabama's finest cards continued...

Here's my version of the finest cards. I hate they ended them in like 89/90 without getting to the 92 team. I'm always looking for pictures of the 92 team and others to make.
I did my recruit set for spring practice to get signed and Mark Ingram loved his card. I told him and several others that I would get them their cards when I got to the next home game. I got about 10 signed from the recruits.



This Stabler card is from a series I did called " The Hall should call" it feature players that should be in the Hall of Fame but for mulitiple reasons aren't. I guess stabler sealed his fate with DUI #3.

Cool, do you sell them, if so PM me I gave my oldest son the old Coca Cola Bama cards I collected as a kid and he wants some more. These would be a nice stocking stuffer for him at Christmas.
hey yes I do but I wasn't sure where to put them on here. I've been selling them on EBAY but recently got booted for them. I'm starting a website but because I do more Alabama than anything else I wanted to go to the source.
I've been talking to the folks at the museum to do cards for them for reunions and events etc. They alreayd want a set so I'm donating all of the bama ones I do.
message me your address and I'll send yu some for free. I'm trying to get the word out to the fans so I can do those and also kids on cards etc.
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