| RECRUIT ⭐️Alabama 2025 Recruiting Class Updates ⭐️: 5⭐️ OT Ty Haywood has Committed to Alabama

Slick play but ran 5xs against a GOOD defense might result in TO 2/3xs.
Has to be run every day 5-10 times each day and even then, may result in a mishandled or bad pitch. I coached a Wing T offense and the pitch is a double edged sword, cutting the defense if it works or cutting you when it doesn’t! A lot of the time, the play never gets past the second handoff before failure.
The toss/toss sweep will be used to get the RB's on the outside.
I love the toss sweep. Let the back pick his own holes and creases as they emerge. But one counterpoint is how effective will our small WRs be in run blocking???
Then there's going to be that one fake toss sweep where Jalen heads in the opposite direction.
Hell if Tennessee could use it to perfection with slow-footed Peyton Manning back in the day, Milroe ought to be able to pick up a few first downs or so. 😉
The staff has said, a few of them, he's improved and getting better.
Hope so!
This is where Alabama’s commitments stand in the updated On300. They have the second-most players in the On300 with 15, only behind Ohio State.
Link to the full rankings list is down below.
Live Rankings Discussion on BOL YouTube:
IOL Michael Carroll (new five-star): No. 12

OT Jackson Lloyd: No. 26

QB Keelon Russell: No. 37

ATH Derick Smith: No. 45

CB Dijon Lee: No. 50

EDGE Justin Hill: No. 52

ATH Duke Johnson: No. 56

CB Chuck McDonald: No. 98

WR Lotzeir Brooks: No. 100

TE Kaleb Edwards: No. 119

EDGE Dawson Merritt: No. 125

LB Jaedon Harmon: No. 128

DL Antonio Coleman: No. 168

RB Anthony Rogers: No. 213

IOL Micah DeBose: No. 245

Somehow Russell still missed out on a 5th star, that's insane, I honestly can't think of 37 players better than him, there's not a single QB currently better than him in this class and he has multiple QBs ahead of him in the rankings. Lloyd moved from a 3-star to a 5-star quick there. Dijon Lee lost his 5-star and went to 4-star huge drop for him over the course of the last two rankings. Lotzeir Brooks keeps moving up the boards up to 100 now I like his chances to creep into the top 50.

So we somehow gained two 5-stars but lost 1 so we're essentially ahead but should be ahead by more if Russell had been fairly evaluated. They literally asked him to show-out at the camps and he did and they still somehow moved the goalpost for him. Well let's see how it affects others, not sure how non-Bama commits were moved outside of Haywood.

Caleb Cunningham is 23rd

Ty Jacskon is 25th

Ak Dear is 31

Top 32 are considered 5-stars FYI so there's 4 more 5-star targets Bama has a very good shot at.
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If someone can access the article, could that poster explain why if he's fully qualified, then why is going to JUCO?

He isn't qualified. He failed his english entrance exam so he's required to take a hear of JUCO so he will count as a 2025 signee which may change our recruiting for 2025 class guys.
247 Composite. A total of five either committed or projected to Bama. Highest four star with Dear.

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In their personal rankings they moved him from 24th to 39th this ranking cycle which is rough considering he won two camps and the guys who finished terribly in both camps are near the top it just goes to show why these guys are recruiting analytics for websites and not for a university which would certainly pay better.
Who is that about?
Steve Mbouma - Class of 2024 recruit that has to go to JUCO. According to some stuff I read it's a legal requirement to transfer to a college in the US you have to take an English Entrance exam to transfer and he failed it so he has to complete a year of english or go to community college first and complete a year so he can transfer in.
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