| RECRUIT ⭐️Alabama 2025 Recruiting Class Updates ⭐️: 5⭐️ OT Ty Haywood has Committed to Alabama

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You know @bamafan9201 , no offense, but sometimes I can't help but think you're from California. When I'm not paying attention, all I see is "90210".
Haha, no offense taken, yea I could see how that would draw some attention. I dunno why I honestly picked those numbers but they stuck.

Some Recruiting Nuggets from writers/twitter/and people I trust for information:

Ty Jackson is not going to be making an announcement anytime soon like previously speculated nor will Ty Haywood, maybe before their senior seasons but not soonish. Still Bama is definitely in the lead for both of these recruits at the moment.

Derek Meadows - After talking with some friends I think Bama is definitely solidly in 2nd position here. I don't know the timeline he and his family have set but for now it's still ND>Bama but a lot of this hinges on Cunningham and Lockett, the staff love Lotzier Brooks and feel he is very undervalued and made it a point to only get 2-3 WR this go around...currently leading with the 2 5-stars kinda makes it hard to push for Meadows so we may fade here if not enough interest is kept but we may also lose a 5-star if we push too hard and land him. Lockett and Cunningham don't look to be shutting it down soon, Cunningham is likely targetting just before his senior season starts. Lockett is a mystery still on his commitment date, probably will drag into his senior season.

Nick Townsend is fading, Bama is no longer pursuing him (After his visit), he seems very interested in the $$, and after his visit to Texas they seem to be a lock to get him now. Also along those notes..Olesh is fading as well some still believe it's between Michigan and Bama but BOL says he has a ton of predictions rolling in for Michigan after their visit this week so I wouldn't expect this one to be particularly close. EDIT: Should also throw in here he was trending to USC because of NIL options and then immediately trending to Texas for the same reason...take that how you will.

Look for us to very much pursue Kaleb Edwards who already took an OV here and enjoyed his trip. He's very tight-lipped about his recruitment so there's not necessarily a true leader in the club house from what I've gathered. That being said, he did enjoy his official visit here and he and the staff do connect very well together and as I said previously they have a prior connection having dealt with him in camps and a few other places before. If Edwards doesn't work out, I highly suspect we will be working hard on top TE targets for 2026 instead of trying to scramble to find something for 2025 class (Maybe take a transfer instead).

Javeon Campbell - Western Hills - Defensive Line - Kentucky lean considered such for the last good while was very interested in Bama. He sees more potential to make it to the NFL and better NIL options here. Hearing he stayed late chatting with the staff and watching some film studying where he'd fit in our system and how we would utilize his skills. I'd say this is a Kentucky vs Bama race here and if Terry isn't looking good, he would be a nice pick-up/alternative.

Justus Terry - Gotta like our chances here, the family seems to love the campus, the staff, and everything else. Justus himself stayed a little reserved but was throwing up some LANK signs and having fun on his trip. Personally. I expect him to run his round of OV for Fall before he makes a decision, but he was quick to pull the trigger on USC decommitment and slide into Bama OV so maybe he already knows where he wants to be or where his family wants him to be.
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However, intel from my end also suggests Lockett is still very much in play for us. Not sure where Meadows stands since I have been fairly busy with helping my wife's parents move around and hosting a party at our house for our friends
I mentioned Lockett a few days ago. Very much in play is accurate. TX put on the show for him on his trip...he didn't commit. When you are looking at Sark's offense as a WR, and then looking at DeBoer's,...damn. What a decision to make!? There isn't a wrong one.

Meadows is interesting. He's looking at ND vs Bama. My gut tells me this is a depth chart guy...
On3 said they will be updating rankings July 8th so we might see some movement to Bama's players during that window. I'm guessing Keelon Russell gets that 5th star and a few others slide up a little.

Josiah Sharma - 4-star DL out of California and well acquainted with our staff is setting his commitment day for this Friday. He just finished up his OV this weekend with us.

Plus there's a few I think will be committing over this week also that are "silent commits" or are already projected to Bama
Man there are so many quality edge prospects in the ‘25 class. We lose Robinson and maybe lose Koht too if he has a break out season. If we move Noah Carter to TE after this season maybe we can make room for a couple of these studs.
Just wait...sit back, and watch.
People have said, "I stopped worrying about recruiting in January of 2007."

It'll now be, "I stopped worrying about recruiting in June, 2024."

I must say that I simply did not have the imagination that CKD & Co would be doing this well. I dare say that he's do as well, if not better, than CNS with this current generation of young men.

It's truly hard to say what I just said but damn bruh...
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