| FTBL A little update on Mustin

"They stole my helmet. They took my pads off," Mustin said. "All I had was my jersey -- and I can't go in there with a jersey. I wasn't friends with the doctors and trainers. Still not, but they're doing their job, so I can't complain. They're doing their job, trying to get me back."

LOL that made me laugh....our secret agent trainers....
yea we're gonna need him for Georgia but if he isnt able to go i have confidence in Prince Hall. don't need Mustin to get seriously injured if he cant go.
I believe he would have go back into the game with just he jersey on. This is what we have been needed in a very long time.
Did you see him on the sideline?He was acting like he was on the field.I told my wife to look at the kid you could tell it was killing him to not be on the field.Love the kid wish he had a few more years to wear the crimson. :)
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