| FTBL A-Day Game set for April 12th.

Excellent!! Last year I was sad because I couldn't go. I had made plans to go but when the date was announced, it was the same day as my mother's birthday. I will defiantly be there this year!!! rtr
Porterhouse said:
Kc Bleeds Crimson said:
Have they announced when fan day is?

It will almost certainly be in August again. That is when Saban prefers to have it.

I knew he didn't like having it the same day as the a-day game. Last year I was able to take my son to BDS for the first time, but we did not get to go to fan day. This year will be different.
Aww man that cuts it too close... Imay not be able to go this year... seeing as how I'm an accountant and thats 3 days before the big deadline.... ARGGGHHHHH!!!!
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