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Hey everyone!

The '88-'92 years were pretty much my "childhood golden years" in terms of Bama football. I turn 27 in a few weeks so those years always hold special memories.

I was curious if anyone had any quality pics of some of the major or "favorite" players of those years. I have looked around the net but unless you've scanned an old game program (etc) they seem hard to come by.

Names like:

-Murray Hill
-Siran Stacy
-Gary Hollingsworth
-George Teague
-Prince Wimbley
-Lamonde Russell
-Martin Houston
-Efrum Thomas
-Kevin Turner
-Stacy Harrison
-Pierre Goode
-Mark McMillon (SP?)


I know you can find alot of the '92 team b/c they ran the table, won the SEC, and won the championship. However, '88-'91 are kinda hard to find.

Those are just a few names of many, but if anyone has any nice pics of the guys from 1988-1992, feel free to post them or just message me. I'd like to have them for a keep sake and maybe get someone to make a siggy for me using them.

If I strike out on this, it's all good. I know some of these are hard to find.

My guess is screen caps might be my best bet on some of these.

Thanks & ROLL TIDE!!!


I've been to the site many times, but just never really thought of doing that. Seems like a cool idea.

I might just have to wrangle up some old game programs and such to find what I'm looking for!

Thanks! :)

You and I are in the same boat.. I have a poster of the '89-'90 team that has Phillip Doyle, Lamond Russell, Gary Hollingsworth, Eric Curry and a couple others on it... It has signatures from most of the guys on the poster and also signed, by Antonio Langham, George Teague, Eric Curry and some other players...
I hate to toss blame at the internet age, but that's part of it.

We can get pics of ANYONE with a couple of clicks online, but before the internet was mainstream, pics were only taken for posters, papers and other publications.

I think that's why it's hard to find action shots of the 'Bama players from '88-'92...for example.

I've got a better shot at finding an action picture of a 2007 random waterboy...than I do Siran Stacy from 1989.

Not mad by any means, but it's just the sign of the times. Media didn't take as many pics 15-20 years ago...b/c they didn't have too.

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