| BSB/SB Went to check out the baseball intrasquad game today…

Brandon Van de Graaff

A defensive deity, inventor of the Concussion.
Feels like late spring outside, so it was fitting to swing by and watch a game.

Very small sample size, but this team is going to be well coached IMO. Not a lot of top end, high level bats, but a bunch of guys that can and will hit. A lot of loud hits off the bats this afternoon. The offensive approach to me is similar to what we’ve seen from Kentucky the last couple years... They’ll lean into what the hitters do well individually, but they’ll be able to play small ball in close games, and they’re aggressive on the bases at the right times.

Didn’t really see any of the high end pitching today that they’ll have to offer… saving some those arms for Saturday against FSU… but the potential of the staff and pen looks to be a strength again.

Also, the names for the teams today? Hammers v. Gumps. Hammers won 14-2.

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