| FTBL Woodland Park/Colorado Springs Iron Bowl watchers?

Colorado Tide could help you more, but there is an active alumni group in Denver that gets together and watches the games if you wanted to drive it.
If we were going to be in town, I'd say c'mon over but we're headed to the cabin that whole week.

If you're up for the easy (~ an hour by I25) drive to Denver there's a local alumni chapter that meets for games there.

If you'd rather stay close by and watch from a sportpub I would suggest:

Old Chicago Pizza (I like the one on Woodmen)
Rock Bottom Brewpub
Jack Quinn's Irish Pub
Champps Sports Grill

Bear in mind though that if you're a smoker, you're SOL and will have to step outside to puff.

Any of these places should have the game on (or will switch to it gladly) w/ excellent local microbrews and good food. There's a decent Alabama and Auburn contingent locally so don't be surprised to see other Bama and barn gear aound town. If you need any other suggestions let me know!
I Love CO. If i had to be forced to live anywhere else but Bama..thats where it'd be.

I lived in the Denver area for 8 months. (Aurora)
On the dupiest part of town. Chambers & Colfax. Two blocks from the K-mart behind the Arraphoe County Courthouse. lol Spent a Lot of time in Wolfs Tavern and the sports bar on the corner. Can't remember the name... Did some work down in the Springs, in Steamboat, and Craig.

good ppl there. (che)
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