| FTBL Who is your pick to be the biggest surprise of 2007?


I'll go with Terry Grant. I know, not much of a reach but I love what his team mates are saying about him. I can't wait to see this guy healthy and carrying the ball again. I am glad he got his red shirt from last year.
Suprise Pick for 2007...I think McClain

I think Rolando is good enough to really make our defense tougher especially on short yardage.

I also think Griffin at FB may make a huge impact before the season IMHO...

I'm hoping its Chris Capps. Poor guy couldn't hold a block if his life depended on it last year......wish him best of luck this year. We've gotta have him step up! Keith Brown also has some things to prove.
I am expecting John Parker Wilson to officially break out this year with Terry Grant falling close behind.

And Nakita Stover emerging is the next great reciever we have at Alabama.

On the Def side, I dont follow the names as well, but I expect them to tighter, crisper, and more aggressive.
I'd say it's a fair statement to say we know what to expect out of our starters, right? So, I'm more inclined to look at those players who may not start, but contribute with some play-making ability.

That being said...

Maze on offense and Schreiber on defense.
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