| FTBL Who is your current coaching choice?

Who would your curent coach choice be?

  • Bob Stoops

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  • Jim Grobe

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  • Paul Johnson

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  • Rich Rodriguez

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  • Nick Saban

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  • Steve Spurrier

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Not that we don't have enough Polls going but given the current coaching search, I was just wondering what coach everyone was pulling for? I know a few of the coaches have "officially" turned down the job, but I left them on the poll, because nothing is for sure at this point in time.

I'm just interested to see who the board feels is the best fit or the best choice.
I'm pulling for Saben but I love Joe Kines. I don't know how Kines would fair as a HC, we'll see how that plays out against Okla St. but I love the way Kines coaches the defense.
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