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Which is more over rated?

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I voted "Heisman". When Peyton Manning didn't win it his Sr. year, and Shaun Alexander didn't even make the top 5 his Sr. year, that proved to me that the Heisman wasn't about the best player anymore but it was about who got the most publicity in the big markets. I also think the BCS is overated basically for the same the same reasons. Basically, I guess I'm trying to say that you need a third option that says "All of the above".
The Heisman is a joke. Complete and total joke. How many Heisman winners have decent(not good, not great, but just decent) NFL careers? Hardly any.

If the best player in college football is mediocre at best in the NFL almost every year how does the NFL even continue to function? :lol:

The Heisman is not even about the best player...it's about the best QB or RB on the best teams. Players at most positions don't even get a shot from the get-go. I care as much about the Heisman as I do about the MVP in Chinese volleyball.
Agreed...It is nothing more than a popularity contest of the skill position players. As much as I hate UT, nobody meant more to their team than Peyton Manning did.

Probably what did it for me was when Charlie Ward won it and is now playing in the NBA.
I'm not quite sure how to compare the two but I voted Heisman as well. The Heisman is nothing but a popularity contest driven by the media. It has nothing to do with who the best player in the country is. In fact, how do you determine the best player in the country? It's impossible to do so.

My biggest gripe with the media too is this perception that you have to play on a team that wins a lot of games or you're not worthy of Heisman consideration. Who the hell made that rule up? At what point did it go from being the best player to being on the best team?

The whole thing is bogus. I couldn't care less anymore who wins the Heisman Trophy.
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