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This topic was started on another forum that I visit and it was a hit so let's so what you you guys do with it.

If you had a son(or have a son) and he was/is capable of playing D1 ball what coaches would you push for and what coaches would you try and steer your son away from? and why?

Sly Croom- My son may not win much but I know he's not screwing up under Croom's watch.

June Jones- His players seem to be rather mature and absolutely love him.

Jeff Bower- I've met this guy once and he seems to be a great guy who has it all....discipline and coaching skills.

Pete Carroll- Love him or hate him he is a great coach and person.

Joe Pa- The prototype of a great coach.

Tubby- this guy is known bad liar and cares very little for academics.

Any coach at Miami- do I need to explain?

Phil Fullmer- son would be ready for the pros but they don't call it UThug for nothing.
Push for:

Nick Saban-He seems to put other aspects of the student life on an at least level playing field with athletics. He appears to take genuine interest in bettering the lives of his players.

Mark Richt-All-around good coach and good man. He may not be the type of coach that gets in your face but there is no doubt who is in charge of his program.

Steer Away-

Dennis Francione-His history speaks volumes and he may ask you to hold that rope but he will let it slide through his grubby little fingers if he feels it's to his benefit.

Ed Orgeron-The guy is a living, breathing lunatic. I have never seen any coach get into the face of his QB like he did on national TV last season. He'll probably start screaming at his place kicker this year just before a crucial 48 yard attempt.
Birdman37 said:
i dont agree with ur thing about Miami. the guy they have there now really seems like hes a good guy and is trying to clean things up down there.
Coker was a "good guy". Being a good guy isn't everything and the history of no discipline in Coral Gables is why I would steer my kid away from UM.
Yes/ Spurrier, Paterno, Richt

All men of their word.

No/ Orbergon, Phulmer

The first is a lunatic, the second a pathological liar.
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