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I have watched a lot of games this year and haven't seen any good ol rainy games. Have I missed one some where? Dumb question but I am just curious
Very interesting observation. You're right. It has been a dry football season.

There were a few games that were rescheduled due to hurricanes, so maybe those should count as halfs. :?
BamaDelta said:
TWJUA said:
I heard it was suppose to rain in Knoxville Saturday, so you might get it.

Which sparks the ole "which team/which attack has the advantage in the rain?" debate. :)

CNS always preaches that weather plays into our favor. Be it heat,rain,snow,hail, hellfire and brimstone,drought, or even the second coming of Jesus.

All of these play into our favor.

All kidding aside I have heard him talk about weather situations and that is one of the thinks he does harp on. Our players can not talk about it because the other team is affected by it the same way. We (as a team) have to work through it and use it as an advantage.
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