| FTBL Where are all the night owls?

Glad to see Porter and 12 doin' their part to keep the carnival from getting out of hand.

Hate that I ain't in T-Town but glad that I'm not seeing all that purple and gold and hearin' all that nonsense and carrying on by those corndogs.
bear facts said:
You fired up about the game, Heat (no pun intended)?

Yes, it's kind of like Christmas. Except, I don't know if I'm getting a good present or a sack of coal(?). I almost wish I could have gone to sleep early and made it get here faster.
I don't know how nervous I am, but that could be the beers! I think the real nervousness will set it tomorrow right before the game. That's normally when it comes on.
BamaHeat said:
It wasn't one of the better shows. Gene Stallings was a guest but he was grumpy. Lot's of backwoods folks called in with their game predictions.

Is it a glorious day for Alabama football up on Sand Mountain?

This November day couldn't be nicer here in Plum Nasty.
moreno_iv said:
It's pretty beautimous down here in A-Town. 75 degrees and sunny. Great day for football and grilling out.

Wish I was around to pop a cold one with you. I can't wait for the opening kick. Would love to see us receive and JA return one 99 yards for a TD to set the tone.

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