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I do believe I would have chosen Coach Bud Wilkinson with a 145-29-4 overall record, 3 NCs, 14 conference championships, and 7 bowl appearances, winning 6 of them or Coach Darrel Royal at 184-60-5 overall record, with 3 NCc and 11 conference titles and 16 bowl appearance to be on that list before including Hayden Fry with his 232-178-10 record, 0 NCs, 4 conference titles, and 14 bowl appearances. :?

Coach Wilkinson head coached for only 17 years and retired at the age of 47.

Then Coach Bob Devaney deserves to be on the list, too, with s 136-30-7 overall record (.806 winning percentage). While at Nebraska his Cornhuskers went 101-20-2, with 2 NCs, 8 conference titles, and 9 bowl appearances in 11 years.
ACL11190 said:
im voting for the legendary lou holtshzzz

Maybe he will share some of his spring tonic with you for being so generous.

Also, vote more than once. 5 times would probably need to be a minimum for a good 'Bama fan. To ensure that all your votes are being counted, clear your cache, refresh your browser, then vote again.

This topic is on all the 'Bama boards across the Internet. We are having to beat Nebraska and Auburn fans. Auburn fans are spreading the word to vote for Osborne, we all know how they are.

Do your part.

Citibank is going to announce the winner at the Rose Bowl. I don't think we have ever lost one of these things. We sure don't want THIS one to be the first!
Hayden Fry took over an Iowa program that had experienced over 20 straight (consecutive)losing seasons before he went there. Think about all of the broken things that needed fixing. He was at North Texas State before that and at SMU before that. He was not afraid of a challenge. Tom Osborne followed Bob Devaney at Nebraska, who had led them to tremendous success, before Tom was named the head coach. Paul Bryant was the head coach at Kentucky, leading them to a conference title (probably their only one), then Texass A & M, before taking over Alabama, where just a few football games had been won over the previous 4 years. The turnaround coaches like Fry and Bryant have statistics that do not truly indicate what they had accomplished in their careers. Take away Bryant's first year at KY, A & M, and Alabama and then look at his statistics. Same for Hayden Fry, whose entire career was spent coaching the little sisters of the poor. Tom Osborne was a tremendous coach, no doubt, but could he have taken a Kansas State or a Wisconsin to the pinnacles of success as did Hayden Fry's former assistants Bill Snyder and Barry Alvarez?
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