RollTide1980 said:
This is a GREAT ball game, but it clearly WILL NOT end by 2:30.

I wonder what CBS will decide to do???



They will take even more commercial breaks and slow things down to think about it.
This is why I stinking hate CBS! they always screw up Bama and the Barn! I live in Bozo Idaho and literally have had to drive to baker city,oregon in the past to watch the Iron Bowl! In the past this is the only market in America to pre-empt the game for a parade! this suxx! Bama is #1! CBS equals= Idiots! :twisted:
Only thing I can pray for is they DELAY the Iron Bowl kick. If CBS cared about ratings...they would delay the kick.

BAMA is the BIG DRAW for CBS. They need them to keep winning to seal the ratings.

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